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Thanks for another insightful piece of writing, Tobias.

Unfortunately, for every organization seeking "quick fixes through the acquisition of ideas and practices carefully developed by others", there will always be at least a snake-oil consultant making a lot of money selling what the organization asked for, which is usually pretty different from what the organization really needs.

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Hi Tobias,

Very skillfully written :)

Thanks for these reflections.

The corporate greed & sloth a.o. things made me leave the Corporate world of multinationals I’ve been working in for 17 years…

This was 5 years ago… So true and so sad that the way you sum it up is still the reality: ‘’The mad lust for short-term, shareholder gains overrides care, thoughtfulness and love” I guess that the process needs time and space like everything and everyone else, and I hope that more steps will be taken for all corporations and organisations to open up to, and introduce care, thoughtfulness and love as a corporate culture 

Enthousiastic Ikigai cheers,


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